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Results That Move Oakville
July 23rd, 2019 
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Most people understand the importance of showing their home to its best advantage when it’s up for sale. This means that a real estate professional may show clients around a prospective home that has undergone proper staging techniques and consequently looks and smells great.

Of course, the reality of the situation is that the current homeowners are still living in the home. That means that the home will occasionally be cluttered, appear to actually be lived-in, and may not always smell the best – particularly if animals are in residence. Such things can make an unfavourable impression on buyers, but fortunately there are a few handy techniques that can make staging your home look as if it has just been cleaned by a professional.

To aid with a quick clean-up when the phone rings and a showing is imminent, consider purchasing a number of decorative baskets and placing them strategically throughout the house. Whisk an untidy pile of magazines into a basket and place it in the corner of the living room. If a child’s toys are scattered around the family room, dump them all in a basket until the showing is over. Baskets are an attractive decorating piece, which  are also highly-functional. They can quickly and easily make your house look organized and clutter-free.

Keep cleaning wipes on hand in the kitchen and in the cabinet of each bathroom. You can easily sweep them across a multitude of surfaces, eliminating smudges, smears, and spills in seconds. Also invest in a number of plug-in air fresheners: one for each room or even two for a large, open space. These plug-in scent dispensers keep your home smelling fresh and clean at any time of the day or night, whether you’ve just had time to clean or not.

If possible, pet owners should take pets with them when they leave to accommodate a showing by a real estate professional. Indoor litter boxes should be scooped at a minimum of twice daily and also just before a showing. Remember that prospective purchasers will also be looking at the yard, so keep animal droppings cleaned up and thoroughly removed on a regular basis.

Your Oakville real estate representative can provide other guidance for keeping your house ready for showing at a moment’s notice. If you’ve had a professional home stager prepare your house, be certain to keep their helpful tips in mind. Keep personal items out of sight to make it easier for home shoppers to picture themselves living in the home you’re leaving behind. Also, make sure that any small, valuable items are either safely locked away or taken with you when you leave the house for a showing.

If keeping your home ready for a showing at a moment’s notice begins to seem burdensome, try focusing on the wonderful new home you’ll be acquiring. An Oakville real estate professional makes the process easy and relatively stress-free by providing helpful guidance, a sympathetic ear, -how acquired through years of experience.

For more information Contact Joanne Hardy

67 Lakeshore Ave West. Oakville Ontario L6K 1C9 (905) 338-9000

Cell: 416- 230-1425

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